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List of Finished PyWright GamesEdit

Turnabout Substitution by Ping' - the unofficial fifth case to the game "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney".

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Conflict of Interest by Ropfa

Phoenix Wright: The Contempt of Court by Cardiovore

Phoenix Wright: The Jakkid Series by Kakkid - A series of ten fancases based on ten very badly-written stories by fanfiction author jakkid166. Not to be taken seriously.

Turnabout Curtain by DWaM - A single case set in an AU to Dual Destinies.

A Turnabout to El Dorado - A case set after Spirit of Justice.

Phoenix Wright: Legal Panels by SpyBreak - Features three crossover cases

List of PyWright Games in Active DevelopmentEdit

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials After Justice by SilentBobX

Hexepta: Mayor Attack by Kakkid - Unofficial fanmade sequel to Hexepta: Logic Hack.

phoenix wright BEST attorney by barrylawn - A game.

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